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We've built a fast, purpose-built, opinionated product research tool to manage, organize and share customer feedback, insights, and user interviews.

Product-led is the future. Let's get started.

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01 - Research

People are talking; are you listening?

Create visibility and a shared understanding from your user research and product teams. Let your customers' voices drive your product process.


Save the prep-work. Find consistency across interviews by reusing saved guides. Use one of our dozen pre-made or create your own.

Don’t hit record

Forget forgetting to record, record in the background so that you never have to deal with an awkward bot joining the call or worry about manually recording, saving, or uploading an interview again.

I missed that, can you repeat?

We didn't. We'll transcribe your user interviews, so you never miss a word. We use custom dictionaries and spare no expense when it comes to high-quality, accurate transcriptions.

Long conversations, not notes

Focus on the conversation by quickly marking moments. You can revisit, add and share the exact instant you logged a moment during an interview after the call.

Start where you left off

Have existing research? Upload all your existing user interview videos and get the same quality transcriptions, extractions, and search through them instantly.

Actually, forget about the notes altogether.

BuildBetter detects questions and summarizes your customers' answers automatically. Just ask questions and listen; BuildBetter will do the rest.

02 - Organization

Keep it in order

Organize qualitative data from over 3,000+ sources all in one location. Using AI, BuildBetter Understand organizes and generates insight out of all of these data points.

Thematic Grouping

Organize qualitative data by feature, topic, or theme to start building a cohesive story around your product's core offerings.

Crystal Ball

Trying to find that one thing that one customer said that one time? We got you. With semantic search, you can ask direct questions about your data.

Not another Inbox, Inbox

Instead of manually reviewing every piece of customer feedback and finding a signal out of the noise, let us do the heavy lifting—just quickly review the things we can’t find a home for.

Auto Categorization

Using custom machine learning models, we can automatically categorize all incoming data by feature, idea, topic, or theme for you.

Thematic Analysis

BuildBetter can automatically process all incoming data and extract user sentiment, tone, and topic using custom modeling and GPT-3.


Pull in all your qualitative data from more than 3,000 apps. Our Zapier integration opens up BuildBetter for all your qualitative data streams.

03 - Execute

We have a vision

Product without the management.
To help you build more innovative products, we have to find ways to manage better and automate product-related tasks. While we're in the early stages of what this looks like, we're on a mission to accelerate every company to become product-led.

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Freakishly Smart

Tools should create less work, not more. BuildBetter makes order out of chaos using AI like GPT-3 to turn messy research into structured, searchable, and beautiful insights.

Brilliantly Simple

Business software should be beautiful, intuitive, and delightful. BuildBetter is desktop first, keyboard-driven, and everything we design and ship has a first-principles approach.

Purposely Built

Built explicitly for product people (you), BuildBetter creates a happy-path to a proper product process with opinionated and intentional workflows.

Scalably Integrated

BuildBetter is designed to scale with your product and team. We integrate with the tools you already use and automate data import and entry - we'll even automatically categorize user feedback and automatically record your Zoom interviews. We go the extra mile.

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Product-led is the future. Let's get started.

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